My name's Alastair Tye Samson. I'm an independent filmmaker currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.

My background is as an Online Editor and motion picture workflow nerd specialising in operating Autodesk Smoke and Avid Symphony.

I'm currently the GM of Production at Country TV while I continue to independently develop short films and features with my collective Hybrid Motion Pictures.

This is a collection of my work, my photos, what I'm listening to and what is inspiring me.

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I’ve been waiting to post this for ages but a record label embargo prevented me until now!  

A zero budget Music video I made for Gatherer’s single Regular Frontier from the upcoming album ‘So Be It’ available NZ/AUS May 2012.

Director, Producer, Cinematography - Alastair Tye Samson
Additional Cinematography - Alex Bird & Ross Turley
Editor - Peter Evans
Colorist - Alana Cotton

Check out Gatherer online…