Alastair Tye Samson


I'm an independent film-maker currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I work full time as an Online Editor and motion picture workflow nerd at Images&Sound specialising in operating Autodesk Smoke and Avid Symphony.

I collect vinyl, laser-discs and sneakers.

This is a collection of my work, my photos, what I'm listening to and what is inspiring me.

I curate a more tumblr-like tumblog called Apple Of Discordia - if i re-blogged you it was probably over there!
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My team’s entry in the 2012 v48Hours Furious Film-making competition.

Nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Editing!

There have never been so many ways to communicate… So why are we so bad at it?

This year the compulsory elements were…
Genre: Inspirational Movie
Character: Nicky Brick, unlucky
Prop: A leaf
Line: “I did that”
Technical: Slow-mo

Our entry in the 2011 v48Hours furious film-making competition. 

Written, shot and edited in 48 hours.

Jodie Hillock plays Larissa, a tough-as-guts homicide detective who is as straight as an arrow. Less can be said, however, for her partner Victor played by Leighton Cardno. 

Set in a futurist present, the pair are sent on a routine enquiry which doesn’t exactly go to plan.

This year the compulsory elements were…

Genre: Mystery
Character: Bobby Young, an ex-bully
Prop: A bent bit of wire
Line: “What have you got?”
Technical element: Freeze frame ending