Alastair Tye Samson


I'm an independent film-maker currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I work full time as an Online Editor and motion picture workflow nerd at Images&Sound specialising in operating Autodesk Smoke and Avid Symphony.

I collect vinyl, laser-discs and sneakers.

This is a collection of my work, my photos, what I'm listening to and what is inspiring me.

I curate a more tumblr-like tumblog called Apple Of Discordia - if i re-blogged you it was probably over there!
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My team’s entry in the 2012 v48Hours Furious Film-making competition.

Nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Editing!

There have never been so many ways to communicate… So why are we so bad at it?

This year the compulsory elements were…
Genre: Inspirational Movie
Character: Nicky Brick, unlucky
Prop: A leaf
Line: “I did that”
Technical: Slow-mo

I’ve been waiting to post this for ages but a record label embargo prevented me until now!  

A zero budget Music video I made for Gatherer’s single Regular Frontier from the upcoming album ‘So Be It’ available NZ/AUS May 2012.

Director, Producer, Cinematography - Alastair Tye Samson
Additional Cinematography - Alex Bird & Ross Turley
Editor - Peter Evans
Colorist - Alana Cotton

Check out Gatherer online…

Stairs at Motat

This weekend I got a new Canon 60D and I’m beyond ecstatic with it.  I went for a walk around town and to the Auckland Art Gallery with my good friend Adam and took close to 500 pictures!  

This is a photo of my favorite exhibit at the gallery.  I feel terrible that I forgot to document the name of the piece and the artist so maybe I will go back this weekend in order to give credit. 

It never ceases to amaze me how often offline editors and even really experienced graphics artists send me titles that are WAY out of safe.  

Here’s a 1920x1080 guide I just banged out with 16x9, 14x9 and 4x3 safety grids. 

Download this, use it, and you’ll never have an excuse for being out of spec ever again!


Some pics from the Auckland Lantern Festival.  It was pretty underwhelming, really - unless you like lanterns in the shape of bank logos.

I’ve always just used tumblr as a place to host my personal blog.  A couple of days ago tho, I started a new, more tumblr-like tumblog for re-blogs and such.  Follow here :)

This is a shot from a music video I did in which I think we only ended up using less than 10 seconds!

Here it is raw, as it came off the sensor.

Thanks heaps to Ross Turley who shot this for me.